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The Chair

On April 26, 2022, A very famous NFT artist tried to sell my „Steampunk Pilot Seat“ which was sold on Sketchfab, without any work of his own, for roughly 1.5 million dollars. The seat itself was sold by me on SketchFab for 35$. Even if he moved here probably in a gray zone, so it is morally extremely wrong. On April 27th it led to a wave of indignation, ridicule, anger but also amusement, mockery and a lot of humor and memes. As the damaged artist, who until then had nothing to do with NFT’s, I experienced tremendous support from the circles of the NFT community, for which I am incredibly grateful.  Read More





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The Frog

The frog is a steampunk / dieselpunk deep-sea vehicle designed by me in 2020-2021, which was strongly inspired by armored vehicles of the first world war. However, its purpose is completely non-military. It is mainly used for towing heavy trailers underwater and for transporting divers between deep sea stations.
The name of the vehicle is based on its flat shape towards the rear and its large front, as well as its ability to function both above and below the water. A little bit like a frog.



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FAQ about NFTs

Questions about the publication of NFTs

Why do you do NFTs?

As a digital artist, there is little opportunity to sell my work directly as art. While this is possible in traditional art, it is difficult for digital artists to do so. NFTs make this possible.

Will there be collaborations with other artists?

My focus will always be on my personal art, I have little interest in seeking collaborations by hook or by crook to expand my reach. Since I have very own ideas of my projects I am hardly compatible with other artists here. So in terms of NFTs this is rather not going to happen.

How is the money you earn through NFTs used?

I mainly use the money from NFT sales to have more time for my art projects. Besides that, the income will continue to fund my indie game project, which I have been developing since 2016 and can thus be seen as a form of special crowdfunding.

Will your work in the future primarily revolve around NFTs?

Absolutely not. I have been engaged in art since I was 13 years old. Art means a lot to me and my personal projects are extremely important to me. There will be no art projects that have the sole purpose of being sold as NFTs. My focus will always be on creating art and my personal projects.

Are NFTs harmful to the climate?

NFTs and the crypto technology behind them are actually not good for the climate and consume a lot of energy. I am aware of this and I am confident that these problems will be solved in the future, I support any regulation of crypto technology that will force them to use only renewable energy.

Will your indie game be about NFTs?

This will never happen under any circumstances, never. I see the entrance of NFTs into the regular video game industry as very critical and I do not support it. My indie game project will be released like any other traditional game without any involvement of NFTs or other blockchain technologies. It will also have no relation to the so called Metaverse.

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